Watch “JHVLOG #1: SONY A7Rii + Nauticam housing Macro UW Setup (in Bahasa)” on YouTube

The Story

A few weeks back, I took a picture of Hypselodoris sp. nudibranch (featured above).  The actual size of the nudie is quite tiny, about 10mm high, hence it was not easy to get a shot of it filling up the frame.  However the underwater macro setup as explained in the Vlog below, able to get the subject fill up the frame in landscape. The photo above is uncropped. It was one of the most challenging shot I’ve done.

The Underwater Setup

I’m using underwater macro setup with Sony A7Rii camera and FE 90mm G macro lens, which then stacked with Nauticam SMC-1 + Multiplier diopters. Sony A7Rii is a full frame camera, hence it captures shots approximately 1.5x wider than APS-C cropped sensor. To get the A7Rii underwater, I use the Nauticam housing and macro port. The Nauticam diopters are stacked in front of the port, using flip holders, one for each. The flip diopters enable versality to get different shots of different subject sizes.


The Vlog uses Indonesian language. Though the video language is not english, I hope it can still be a reference for those considering to build underwater macro setup with Sony A7Rii.


Welcome to my underwater gallery!

Hello World!

This is my first blog post. Soon, I will upload my underwater photos into this blog, which hopefully will become a useful underwater gallery. Meanwhile, the photos are available at my instagram account: @jackhendrawan.

First Featured Photo

Featured in this post if the pygmy seahorse, Hippocampus bargibanti. I took it at Lembeh Strait on March 2017, using Sony A7Rii camera, with FE 90mm G macro lens, stacked with Nauticam SMC-1 and Multiplier diopters.

All photos in this blog are shot by me, unless otherwise specified.

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